7 Manipulative Behaviors In A Relationship That People Often Mistake For Love.

7 Manipulative Behaviors In A Relationship That People Often Mistake For Love.
7 Manipulative Behaviors In A Relationship That People Often Mistake For Love.

7 Manipulative Behaviors In A Relationship That People Often Mistake For Love.

It is noteworthy that one person in a relationship often dominates the other and tries to control the do’s and dont’s in a relationship. But do you think it’s the right relationship where you can think to spend your life? In a healthy and positive relationship, there is nothing like controlling, restricting, influencing, dominating, or such other words. So if you are feeling that you are being dominated by the other person or restricted by others, you are mistaken.

The burden on your shoulder

In a relationship, if your partner manipulated you as if they always put the burden on your shoulders for every mistake, then such a relationship will. Slowly turn into a toxic one. Manipulation is not always visible. Sometimes you need to observe from the person’s behavior, and where you are being felt guilty for every mistake you didn’t commit, you are being manipulated.

Care or domination

If everything that your partner is doing is in the name of care, whether it’s caring or restricting you, then your partner is dominating you emotionally. Because a person could be easily dominated emotionally, your partner will justify its toxic behavior in the name of care and concern.


Insecurity is one of the most considerable manipulative behavior that can be observed easily. If your partner frequently gauges your status, where you are, with who you are, and what you are doing at what time, then simply you are being dominated by your partner. Because doing so, your partner keeps an eye on you that is nothing but to spy.

Controlling your actions

If you are being compared with any person, your partner wants to control your action and wishes you to act in a specified manner. Don’t you think it’s mere manipulation? Do you ever witness nice lines about your beauty, character, actions, and whatever you do with your ex-partner from your companion? It sounds nice to hear, but don’t you think all such things are to manipulate you so that you accept what your partner says to you?

Keep checking

Jealousy, annoyance, and irritation are the indication that your partner is dominating you. So if your partner gets jealous, checking you, constantly questioning you or your friends, or annoyed by your actions and ask you to do a sure thing in the name of love, then you are being dominated by your partner.

Owing something

If they bestow you something and frequently pretend that you owe them, then they are just doing to dominate you. There is nothing called owing by one person to another in a genuine relationship, so don’t ever feel that you owe them something.

Buttering you

Last but not least, manipulative behavior in a relationship is when they pretend that they are nothing without you and can’t imagine their life without you. It feels so lovely, but the bitter truth is life never stops for anyone, and anyone dies with the other; such lines are just too manipulative and nothing else.

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