A Person Who Loves You For Who You Are Is A Person Worth Keeping

A Person Who Loves You For Who You Are Is A Person Worth Keeping
A Person Who Loves You For Who You Are Is A Person Worth Keeping

A Person Who Loves You For Who You Are Is A Person Worth Keeping

The person who accepts you as the person you are then doesn’t let such person keeping away from you. In this world, few people accept your identity and the way you are, so don’t let such at a distance. Suppose your partner is ready to listen to what you are saying and knows how to manage your mood, anger, and the bay you are. In that case, it is the right partner for you, as every person urges you to get love, care, concern, and respect. But one more thing needs to be understood that it cannot be taken by force or coercion.

Love can only be felt

The person who bestows you love is doing so naturally, and you can only feel it just like the air you feel. Love is the feeling that brings you to the sky, and you can fly therein, but it can not let you down, so if someone is loving you and accepting you the way you then feel it, don’t keep it at a distance.

If someone truly loves you and cares for you, then it won’t try to change you or your behavior; instead, it accepts you as the way you are. Such a person not only loves you but loves everything about you, your mood, your identity, your way of talking, your annoying behavior, fights, unnecessary care, and so on.

No coercion or force

Such person will always try their best to makes you laugh and see you happy with a big smile on your face. If your partner truly loves you, it will understand your mood and when you are happy and need to be hugged. So a person who loved you to this extent needs to exist in your life and till your last breath. Such a person can do anything to see you smile and not prioritize anything over your happiness.

A person who is accepting you, supporting you in achieving your goal then such person is with keeping. It would be best if you valued the existence of such a person in your life because very few are there who can support you and your dreams. Remember, your dreams only belong to you. It is the love of your partner that encourages you to obtain it and with full potential. However, if you feel safe and secure when you are around such a person, there is no need to hide your feelings. Instead, you should express them with an open heart.
Comfort depends upon the connection.

If you believe that your partner knows the deepest darkest secrets about you and you are safe at that point, then this is the person that you are destined for. A person who loves you and respects your opinion, even those different from theirs, then one thing is for sure that you cannot find a person like that.

However, if you know that your partner accepts all your flaws tolerate your mood swings, knows how to manage you when you are furious or make you laugh. Such a person is with keeping, and don’t let that person away from you.

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