When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time

when someone shows you who they are

In life, since our birth, we met several people but are unable to know what they are. So if it happens to you then you are one of that people who find it difficult to judge any person you met so far. We often heard that no one should judge any person based on their traits, habits. And attire but this does not seem so practicable. When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.

Pre-conceive the traits or attributes

What does this mean? Does this means that we should preconceive the personality of the person by judging them on their first appearance. Or first meeting don’t you find it difficult because when we met any person for the first time, it seems that the same as nice. Who would be rude in the first meeting? Or it can be said that every person showed good things about themselves. The first time and never wishes to make their identity. And reputation be called arrogant, rude, or ugly or negative side.

Then what does this statement means that when someone shows you who they are believe them the first time? The statement simply means that one should be pre-conceived by their senses meaning thereby that for the very first time. When you saw someone or heard about or observe such a person then you have your pre-mindset about the identity of the said person. And you should believe your senses. But to have such a mindset and pre-conception. You need to have scrutiny over anything and it might be a personal or materialistic thing.

Observation is the skill

For making a strong belief you need to have a strong observation power and for obtaining the same you need to stay calm. And patient and try to closely see each and everything around you. Indeed, you must think before you speak and this phrase would apply to the present statement as well.

Therefore, before making any judgments, you need to closely scrutinize the person. And this means that you need to determine his/her appearance, way of talking, maturity of understanding, knowledge, perception, etc. But when you could able to observe any person, so this quality comes with the experience. That’s the reason many times we have heard that grey hair is in the sun so the skill of observing comes with age.

Trust your intuitions

You might know some of your friends who are about your age or might be younger but their maturity of understanding about the person they met for the first time is up to the mark. This gives us an instant question that how such observation skills come up with age. The answer is the situation which means that situation makes the person enough capable of pre-conceiving any situation or person. So trust your intuitions and before taking any action in respect of any person or trusting anyone so soon you need to scrutinize them closely so that you won’t be hurt in the future.

Make your emotions worthy enough

Emotions are the most precious element a human possesses so make them worthy enough so that no one would ever try to take undue advantage of them. There are millions of wolves in this universe who exist just to take undue advantage of your innocence or lack of understanding. You might have a belief that lack of understanding is a negative comment. But it is not so because no one is born with the sufficient maturity of understanding to pre-conceive.

Everyone learns with time and experience different phase of life. It might be possible that some learned at the initial stage of their life due to the struggles they have gone through and some later. So this skill is a matter of fact that changes from person to person and cannot be copied from any other. So if you see some other person and wish to act like it. And try to make decisions based on the perception of any other person then you are going on the wrong path.

Don’t take a move in a hurry

It is important to take a move and action in your life but before taking so. Don’t be in hurry and instead go slow and steady because slow and steady wins the race. The moment you take any action in hurry or move faster one thing is for sure. You would commit some mistake so rather than going fast like a bullet you should wait and watch. Once you observe the person and know what you are going for then believe it for the first time only. Because what you perceive for anyone would go right to an extent  

Slow and steady wins the race

Don’t be judgmental too fast instead goes with the flow and learn from your experiences. It should always be kept in mind that does not commit the same mistake. And instead try to take the advantage of others’ experiences. Because if you choose to learn from your own experiences then life would seem too short to you.

Life is meant to be learning at different phases and every time we discover something new so don’t worry about going for a new change. But what is essential while taking any move is to be aware enough with an open ear, eyes, and mind. It is required to apply your mind while going through new things but that should be to an extent. Everything unlimited seems harmful to us so be aware while moving for any change. 

Life is like a movie where we all need to play our roles but how we should play them is in our hands. Don’t bother about your future or about the relationships you have at present. But what is essential is to focus on your present and your growth. And when you learn to work on the statement “when someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.” Then you solve half of your problems.         


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