Quitters never win and winners never quit

quitters never win and winners never quit

What do you want to become a quitter or a winner? Decide it now? Because the moment you decide what you want to be in your life then you would get your surroundings accordingly. It is you who decide where you want to be in your life and indeed quitter never wins and a winner never quits. So what are you waiting for, don’t sit and think rather you need to hold on and determine the goal of your life. Because the ones who decide to win in their life would never quit and continuously make efforts for it. Your determination, loyalty, consistency, and hard work decide your journey to success.

Consistency makes you a winner

Quitters never win and winners never quit.

The one who never quits would reach a certain point and it might be possible that you would not reach where you wish to. But one thing is for sure you would not fail or lose in your life. The one who knows to walk consistently on the path of success then you would never make any excuses for accomplishing your tasks.

The strategy to achieve your goal is to make targets and try to accomplish the same. This is the moment you realize that winners never quit, quitters never win so though you find infinite hurdles in your life, never quit. You don’t know that the moment you quit, you were closest to your dream but because of your quitting attitude, you lose the game.

Power of belief

Life and goal are just like a game where the one who sticks will win and the rest lose. So you need to stick at one point, though you face several obstacles in reaching your destination. The winners never quit quotes will make you understand the philosophy of loser’s belief. Once you set a belief in your subconscious mind that you wish to win and accomplish your goals then the surroundings start their work.

Therefore, one thing is clear it is in our mind and you could not ignore the power of the subconscious mind because it is our belief that makes anything possible. A quitter never wins a winner never quits make it possible to achieve anything so make your belief clear and transparent. If you have two minds and beliefs then you won’t be able to reach what you wish to and stuck in confusion.

Attitude of winning

Before making any goal, you need to have an attitude of winning because winners don’t have any excuses. The ones who have such an attitude know how to complete their targets and make them a goal. The most important component to get success is the attitude of a person and such belief makes the person capable enough to fulfill their goal. Who said winners never quit and quitters never win, it is an attitude or belief of a person and faith of an individual in his/her goals that make it possible. If you have blind faith in your goals then nothing could restrict you from achieving them but you need to be clear about it.

Winners know the element

Whatever you think in your subconscious mind makes you act accordingly. So your thoughts make your actions and therefore, it is required to keep your thoughts positive and only those things which you wish to make true. If you consistently try one over the other ways to make your goal a reality then indeed you would be a winner. Your determination is one of the factors in making you a winner so don’t make excuses to lose. The one who knows the power of their subconscious mind and their belief would never quit in between. The quitters never win because they tend to make excuses and never wish to leave their comfort. Indeed, you need to leave your comfort if you wish to achieve your goal and the one who quit or left the things in between would never be a winner.

Don’t resign from your karma

Winners never cease to work in their life and such people know the significance of having such an attitude. Your belief makes your goal true so make sure that your belief is what you wish in your life. The person who knows the worth of their karma will never take in their life and set in motion to achieve their goal. If you start making excuses or having a tendency to give explanations to yourself then you won’t be able to fulfill your dreams and they remain a dream.

It might be possible that you could not be able to accomplish certain targets or goals in your life but this doesn’t mean that you stop doing your karma. What it requires to know is that winners have the experience of losing hundreds of their targets as well as know the taste of winning but never stop at any point.

The journey of the winner

If you read the journey of the winner, you would able to see their attitude and belief of winning and never stop in their life. Life is all about gaining experiences so if you are losing something today in your life then don’t stop rather do your work. You can change your direction but not the goal. It might be possible that one of the ways is not enough to make you capable to reach your destination and in such case, you need to consider other ways.

The autobiography of the winners will make you think about several ways to reach your destination and the best example is Thomas Edison who discovers the bulb after giving it several tries. So don’t worry about winning rather you should focus on discovering other ways to make it possible. Because nothing is possible if you wish to make it true and possible. What is required is your energy and positive belief regarding your goal and start acting upon it. Your incapability, facilities, tools, and other negative components are merely an excuse for losers.              


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