15 ways to build rapport and win someone’s trust

15 ways to build rapport and win someone's trust
15 ways to build rapport and win someone's trust

15 ways to build rapport and win someone’s trust

Winning trust is prerequisite for building rapport. After all, rapport is a harmonious and meaningful relationship of mutual understanding, empathy and consent; building rapport can be natural or intentional and if built genuinely with love it can go long way. However, building rapport isn’t that easy anymore.

The following are the 15 ways to build rapport and win someone’s trust:

1) Make your first impression remarkable

Usually, the first seconds of meeting a new person leave a Lasting Impression. Little things matter-your words, appearance, behaviour and language.

2) Keep secrets secretive

We share secrets and discuss problems with people we trust. Always keep secrets of others to yourself as this way people find you trustworthy and they start believing you.

3) Don’t lie

Trust and lie can never co-exist in a relationship. If you really want to win trust than don’t lie no matter what as bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.

4) Be a man/woman of your words

If you promise or give you words then never step back as lenient behaviour portrays you as an irresponsible person who cannot even do what commits.

5) Discuss goals

Ask about their aim and goal. The field of interest, you tell them what you are passionate about and can get to know each other a little more.

6) Explore common interests and hobbies

Share and talk about your common interest, games and recreational activities. This way you can jell well.

7) Motivate and support

Helping, supporting and uplifting others attract people towards and shape you as a reliable person.

8) Listen intently and be all ears

Don’t look here and there or interrupt in between while the person is pouring out his/her heart. If you do so, it shows you are not concerned and the person feels disheartened which will draw a gap between you two.

9) Dig in culture and history

Sharing about history- hometown, culture, background; family- number of kids and their age. It helps you understand another person better and you can keep on talking about your similarities further.

10) Express the emotion, show care

Nothing is wrong in being vulnerable, expressing care and affection as people tend to get attracted to softhearted people more than rude and selfish people.

11) Respect decisions

Disagreeing with others is fine. You can ask for justification of decision with valid reasons but you ought not to disrespect them for holding contradicting views- you are two individuals with a different perspective and often opinions are subjective.

12) Talk about music, favourite singer

Taste in music says a lot about people. Many researchers found that empathetic people enjoy mellow but emotionally-rich music, whereas an organizer prefers complex, energetic and intense music.

13) Be loyal and honest

Don’t be afraid of telling the truth even if it affects your friendship-it can be temporary-but once the truth is unveiled by the third person then your friends can have some major dents.

14) Be authentic

Don’t wear any mask to hide. Show what you really are; let other people accept you the way you are and vice-versa.

15) Don’t be self-centered

Give yourself in constructing rapport; shed selfishness and see your relationship/friendship developing naturally.

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