6 Effective ways to stop feeling guilty all the time

6 Effective ways to stop feeling guilty all the time
6 Effective ways to stop feeling guilty all the time

6 Effective ways to stop feeling guilty all the time

The mistake is called a mistake because it is wrongdoing that happens by mistake as if done deliberately to hurt or damage then it is a sin. And we often feel guilty when we acknowledge our actions or recognize our faults. However, guilt can be healthy or unhealthy.

No one is perfect, mistakes work as a teacher and help us to be better; guilt has the potential to motivate us to be better and not repeat past mistakes. Nevertheless, if the hammer of guilt continuously hits you on the head, living peacefully in the present might become difficult and make you feel sick or worthless-such guilt affects your health and is unhealthy.

So if you are suffering from guilt and have failed to throw it out of your head then this 6 effective ways to stop feeling guilty all the time can be of immense help and assist you better:

1) Appreciate yourself

At the end of every day remind yourself all good that you did and appreciate yourself for that. It can be anything: helping a stranger or your loved ones. And stop paying attention to what you could have done in the past because the past has gone. Start living in the present and put efforts to make your present and yourself better.

2) Learn from mistakes

Your acknowledgement of actions makes you feel guilty which shows you feel bad about things happened the way it happened. And you should learn from that incident rather than torturing yourself all the time. Mistakes and experiences are the best teachers–now you should become a good student by learning from them and working on yourself to be better.

3) Apologies sincerely

An honest apology might not fix everything -but can help in repairing the damage- but it will for sure give you a chance to express your feelings and let the person you have hurt know that you are sorry for your wrongdoing and are worried about him/her.

4) Don’t let pessimistic thoughts dent you

Don’t lecture yourself about your wrongdoing as a mistake doesn’t make you a bad person. Accept that by mistake you committed a mistake, learn from it and be careful in the future but don’t criticize yourself for being what and how you are.

5) Self-forgiveness

We all commit mistakes at one point in life or another. So learn to accept your flaws, mistakes and most importantly forgive yourself when needed and start with a fresh mind and heart.

6) Understand that nothing wrong in being selfish

Yes, it is true. You must take your care and pay attention to your needs, wants, likes and dislikes. Unless you learn to appreciate, understand and embrace yourself the way you are, you would hesitate to do things that make you happy and more alive-chances are there that you might feel guilty and consider yourself selfish. Learn to love yourself as without self-love to humans you would be what a vessel without water is to trees useless.

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Source :- Power of Positivity


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