Struggling how to make new friends: 12 easy and effective tips to help you out

how to make friends in a new city

When it comes to how to make new friends, it might be easy as a kid but as we grow up it becomes slightly difficult to meet new people and allow ourselves to engage with others…especially when you are an introvert and struggling with how to make friends as an adult. It may be even more challenging when you are in a new city or country where you don’t know many people.

For most people, meeting new people and hanging out with them comes naturally but for others, it’s not that simple.

If you fall in the second category then you must read this blog post till the end. Because in this post we have discussed the easy and effective way to make new friends as an adult but before that let’s have a look at some points that you should keep in mind before approaching a person for friendship.

Important things not to ignore while approaching someone for friendship

Make sure the people you are interested in are not into bad company

In the journey of making new friends, you would meet all types of people, and it’s up to you whom you choose for friendship.

As we all know, the environment we choose and the people with whom we hang out always make an impact on our life. That’s why it’s crucial to choose them wisely.

You don’t need to judge anyone, just make sure the people you are taking interest in are wise and are not included in any type of bad company. Because directly or indirectly it would affect your life which is not a good thing and you should avoid it.

Matches your vibes

When it comes to how to make new friends, matching your vibes with them is one of the most important things. We enjoy friendship when our vibes match with each other. Make sure your vibes are matching with the people you’re interested in connecting with.

You are feeling comfortable with them

If you don’t feel comfortable with the people you are interested in, there is no point in investing your time and energy in them.

Friendship is all about accepting each other the way we are. We feel more comfortable with our best buddies, you know why? Because when we are with our friends we don’t feel insecure. It’s our friends that see our weirdest side and enjoy it. So, make sure you feel comfortable while making new friends.

Must be respected and valued you

Jokes and pranks are a beautiful part of friendship but make sure there must be respect and they are valuing you. Respect is the root of any relationship, in the process of making new friends. And make sure the person you are interested in respects you genuinely.

How to make new friends: 12 easy and effective tips to help you out

how to make new friends at school

1. Join a club or a local group

Joining a club or a local group is one of the best ways to meet new people and make new friends. You can join a club or an organization according to your interest and can share some valuable time over there. When people meet with a person who is interested in the same things as they are, it becomes easy to initiate the first steps of friendship.

2. Volunteering

Volunteering can be also one of the easiest ways to connect with new people and initiate friendships.

If possible, allow yourself to serve as a volunteer in something that you are interested in. Find an organization, group, or NGO near you and join it, and offer your service as a volunteer there. It not only helps you gain new experiences but allows you to leave your comfort zone.

When you volunteer, you meet amazing people who possess the same interests. And concerns about a particular thing as you do, which means you don’t even need to push yourself to break the ice, it just happens and this is what I love about it.

3. Take the first step from your side: Be the initiator

Starting is always hard, but guess what? it’s just in your mind. If you allow yourself and put “overthinking” aside, then breaking the ice would not be that tough.

Whenever you are interested in a particular person. And want to be friends with them, take the first step from your side and keep it cool and natural. You don’t need to be pushy or desperate, just keep it simple and try to engage with them.

Offer your help, starting with a casual Hi/hello… once you find he/she is responding positively, you can ask other random questions to lead the conversation. Stay cool and calm…!!

4. Smile and eye contact matter a lot

how to make friends at a new school

Smiling and eye contact plays a crucial role especially when you are looking to make new friends. Whenever you are interacting with others, make sure to spread friendly vibes putting a simple smile on your face. Make good eye contact with them and be confident.

People love and feel encouraged when someone talks to them with a smile and gentle gesture. One thing you need to keep in mind while making eye contact is that it should not seem like you are staring at them in a weird way. Just keep it simple and real, you don’t need to fake anything.

5. Talk shit less

Aah… that’s what you should avoid especially when you are struggling with how to make new friends.

Nobody is perfect…neither are we. Sometimes, we also talk shit about the people we don’t like, and that’s pretty normal in our society. But one thing we should not avoid is that nobody likes a person who always talks shit about others.

They may enjoy gossip but chances are you may represent yourself as a negative person in front of them and people don’t trust this type of personality.

When it comes to making new friends as an adult, avoid talking shit about others and focus on other interesting topics to lead the conversations and enhance your personality. Hope you got my point.

6. Be you but hospitable

Making friends as kids does not need any effort but when we grow up it takes much more.

Invite people you know to your place for watching matches, playing fun games, and dine. People love and appreciate it when someone treats them well with great hospitality. It not only increases your image and reputation but also strengthens your bond with each other.

If they reciprocate it, it may be a sign that they are also happy to connect with you and want to continue that friendship further. While doing all these make sure they are not taking you for granted.

7. Step out and attend events or functions

how to make new friends in new city

If you are struggling with how to find new friends, it’s important to step out and attend events or functions whenever you get the chance. From weddings, parties, or get-togethers to meet-ups or conferences… never miss a chance to attend those events because it’s gonna help you expand your network by meeting amazing people.

Apart from this it also helps you to boost your self-confidence by giving you different experiences.

8. Be supportive and down to earth

No one likes a person who is just arrogant and always talks about himself. Boasting all the time oneself is something that may irritate people out there which is not a good sign when it comes to how to make new friends.

Be supportive and down to earth. Come forward as a helping hand whenever there is a need but also keep in mind not to get too personal.

Your helping gesture toward little things helps you to get noticed. People remember the person who offered them help which is a great way to initiate a casual hi/hello.

9. Be available

Make sure you are available whenever they need you. Friendship is not only about tagging in memes and formally wishing each other on birthdays, friendship days, or any other occasion. It’s more than that.

Make time whenever they need you. Plan your weekend with them and do fun and exciting things together. This is what strengthens the bonds of any relationship.

We know everyone is super busy in their everyday life but it is also true we make time for those who matter to us. That’s why it’s important to be available to the people that matter to you.

10. Go out for eating

how to make new friends in your 30s

Eating out can also be a great way that connects with the people you know or are interested in connecting with as friends. There is no doubt food brings closer to everyone especially when it comes to friends. From having street food, dinner, and lunch to asking them for coffee or tea… there are several ways to have a great time.

You can start with the people you know already such as people who work with you, your class fellow, your club members, etc. You can ask “hey let’s have a burger, after the class”…or say something similar. It’s as simple as that…!!

11. Use social media app

Social media can be a useful tool for making new friends as an adult. Probably, you don’t want to meet people in person and are willing to make friends online. For that, Going with a social media app is a good choice.

In the era of smartphones, connecting with people outside of your city or country has become so much easier and the best part is you don’t even need to think about the boundaries. There are so many apps that are especially available for making new friends. You can use them and connect with others.

You can even join online groups as per your interest and can engage with people out there. Social media groups work well when it comes to how to make new friends online. You should give it a try.

While making new friends online, make sure you don’t compromise your privacy and safety. Don’t trust anyone easily, no matter how charming they are. You don’t need to engage too personally. After all, Safety comes first…!!

12. Group trips or adventurous activities

easy and effective way to make new friends as an adult

Apart from joining a club or volunteering, group trips can also be an incredible way to make new friends. You can plan a group trip on a weekend or whenever you want and can spend quality time exploring beautiful places with new people. It can be beneficial in many ways from expanding your network, relaxing, and refreshing your mood, to having a great life experience.

There are several travel agencies that provide group trips with a complete package that not only includes the tour to an interesting spot but also includes fun and adventure activities that work great when it comes to how to make friends as an adult.  You can contact the agencies and pick the package according to your interest and budget.

The bottom line

It could be exciting and fun when it comes to how to make new friends. You don’t need to stress out about it, don’t force yourself, just go with the flow and be yourself.

As you learn to express yourself in a positive way, sooner or later you would automatically attract the people that match your vibes, it’s as simple as that.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that don’t get blind and compromise your safety and reputation just to be cool in front of them. Safety and privacy come first when meeting new people for friendship.

Hope all the points would help you to make true, trustworthy, and crazy friends to add fun and excitement to your beautiful life. 


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