Dead people receive more flowers than living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.

Do you miss someone in your life who is so close to you and now is no more exist in this universe? One fact is for sure to be authentic that no human in this universe could live endlessly and everyone has to die one day. Life comes with the death of the person and to miss the person who is no more is the worst situation if you don’t feel the same when such person was alive. It is so easy to throw a sympathetic line after the death of any person, “rest in peace” or “a beautiful soul it was” but instead of saying something like these you should ask yourself, “does you being the same person as you are right now after the death of such person”?

If yes, then it’s alright but if you got an answer adversely then you don’t have any right to show your sympathy or regret or missing behavior after the death of the person. Though it is effortless to show your condolences what is difficult is to value that person when it was alive. As it becomes meaningless to express the feeling of remorse after the death of such person. In spite, everyone should value the importance of a person at the time of its existence and live your life in a happy manner.

Dead people receive more flowers than living ones.
Dead people receive more flowers than living ones.

You often say that in a funeral there are a number of people bestowing their condolence to the dead body but at the time when the same person required any help or support, not a single person was in line. Why is it so? Because it’s so lenient to feel dismayed after the death of the person rather than to support the person or to show gratitude for its existence in your life.

It’s ironic that many times we humans cry at the death of a dog but don’t even feel sad on the death of our fellow beings and this feeling is just because of arrogance that nowadays every human love to hold. However, everyone should have sympathy and compassion in a sense of brotherhood that leads to this universe as a heaven for every individual. Everyone should be kind to others and believe in forgiveness that takes this universe to a happy place. Although these phenomena sound unrealistic or abstract but change always starts from one person that would make a revolution.


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