Never underestimate the power of prayer! There is nothing that is impossible to God.

Never underestimate the power of prayer! There is nothing that is impossible to God

If you don’t believe in God then you might not believe in miracles and blessings. Because blessing is the part of our belief that would make any work possible in this universe. Nature and humans are the creation of God who beautifully makes this universe heaven for us. And now it’s up to you how you will perceive the same.

Creation of God

If you would observe the nature around you, then you will get to know how beautifully nature personifies itself. Wherein nothing could be more happening them a sunrise or sunset. Nothing would make you feel more peaceful and calm. Than the chirping of birds, the grace of grass, and the fragrance of flowers, and more interestingly all these are not man-made but natural.

Power of hope and positivity in your life

It is impossible not to believe that something exist that could be power, moreover, a positive power that we call God. In the verses of the holy book, it is very well stated that whatever is happening on the planet is the choice of god. So we are also the creation of God only. Prayer is nothing but a belief of a human that whatever we pray would come true. And if you don’t believe in God and are a follower of science then you must there the power of hope. And positivity that is acknowledged by science itself.

Blessing is nothing but a prayer

We often require the blessing of our elders so that our work would be accomplished and therefore. The blessing of God is also a way of making prayers. So don’t underestimate the power of prayer rather you should ask whatever you wish from bottom of your heart. You have heard the quote that if you wish anything from all your heart. And doubt then the universe will also help you in obtaining the same. Then what does this phrase mean, don’t you think it is the power of your prayers. That you make from your soul and that comes true?

Ask it from bottom of your heart

Many times, we know that this work is impossible or it would not happen. But yet we eagerly want it, and consistently that operates in our minds. It is nothing but a form of prayer and your strong destination that makes it possible to happen in your life. That is the reason you often heard that you don’t want it from your heart and soul. Because whatever you aspire to and are determined then God will make it happen to you so don’t underrate the power of prayers.

Don’t be pessimistic

Pessimistic is a sign that you don’t believe in God or his power so if you feel miserable about the consequence of any event. Or activity then you might not be able to get something else that would be better for your life. Because this emotion of yours will make things negative around you so despite getting sad or disheartened. You should be a keen follower of God and believe in his blessing and prayer. Once you start accepting and move ahead to take a second step towards your growth and progress along with the blessing of God you will never fall in your life.

However, the moment you start believing in the powers of God that will never be shaken because the most beautiful and trustworthy relationship could be on this planet is between you and God. And such trust and belief could not arise within you from words or anything else but rather it would be seen in your personality.

Never underestimate the power of prayer! There is nothing that is impossible to God.

Never underestimate the power of prayer! There is nothing that is impossible to God. Our Lord can heal the sick and work situations out in our life that seem overwhelming to us.

Never underestimate the power of prayer! (1)


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