The truth is we tired of begging someone for their attention

The truth is we tired of begging someone for their attention.

Many times you don’t realize and start giving unnecessary importance to the person who doesn’t care about your feelings. You forget your respect in that bond and start asking for their attention that degrades your respect and nothing else. The most important thing is to realize the truth of your relationship with any person and should know the reality. Until and unless you face the reality of life you will never be able to live your life happily and peacefully. You need to face the truth and should stop asking for attention or love from any person. What is required is self-love that needs to be focussed?

Don’t ask others to give attention to you

If you start giving importance to yourself than you will realize the most important thing in life is you and only you. And once you beg others to give that attention to you than you will start losing your own identity. To maintain and stand by your identity is the most important thing to lead a healthy life. If you are begging someone for their attention than you will notice that you can do anything to get their attention towards you and didn’t realize what you are doing.

Your self-respect is the most important thing

To be respected by others, you are the one who can do this because if you won’t respect your own then no one will respect you or give you priority in their life. So if you really wish to be a priority of someone than start giving priority to in first. Most people today asking others to give them attention and depend upon others to give respect to them but this should not be done. Every person should learn how to love yourself and maintain your dignity.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

Don’t beg to someone

What is most important in life,  dignity, your identity, your individuality, and you so you should stop asking others to love you, to give attention, and spend some quality time with yourself. When you start to beg to someone you forget your identity and lose your self-respect do never do this in your life and face the truth. Begging is always equivalent to diminishing your self-esteem in front of others so you should decide it first that never beg someone for anything neither for love nor for attention.

“Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality, upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.”

Self-love is the antithesis to beg for attention

The day when you become loyal to yourself and see the reality that you change yourself to get their attention, you will realize what is self-love.  It is often observed that people totally change themselves so that they can get the importance of others and become a priority of others but this will take you to nowhere and ultimately you will lose yourself. Self-love is the opposite of begging someone for their attention and similar to losing your originality. However, you need to care for your own and adore your charm.

Title Source :- The Power of Silence


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