Trust the timing of your life, as there is no such thing as coincidence

Trust the timing of your life, as there is no such thing as coincidence
Trust the timing of your life, as there is no such thing as coincidence

You often beard about coincidence regarding many things but do you really believe in that? There is nothing callee coincidence and every incident in your life happened with a reason and whenever you met some person on your life, it’s not the chance or luck but its more about the timing. Nothing happened without any reason and you need to know the reason rather than just believe in coincidences. You will be amazed by the fact that coincidence often identified as superstitious thinking and people who believe in such coincidences often term as Orthodox so in spite of believing in wrong things you should more believe in yourself.

Coincidence lessen your ability to perform

The events that took place in your life are not by luck or by chance but it’s because of your efforts and hard work that make the thing happened. So don’t believe in any other thing and start believing in yourself, the moment you start having faith in your skills and talent, you will stop believing in coincidences. Because coincidence is the antithesis to the skills and talent of the person. Whatever you are right now is not because of any coincidence but because of the timing of your life and your efforts that make things possible.

Does coincidence exist in this universe?

You heard one thing that nothing is possible and the word impossible says that I am possible. On the other hand, many times at the moment of your victory people said it because of your luck and you start believing in such coincidences but do you really think so, you need to ask this question to yourself? The answer will be negative and you will realize how much you worked hard to get all those things which you have right now. Coincidences ate just excuses for letting your blame on it.

It’s about you and your trust lies in yourself, and not any coincidence

When you meet someone accidentally you or that other person often says that wow what a coincident but you don’t know that there is nothing called coincidence and everything happens with a reason and you can’t know every reason. So stop putting everything on occurring by chance. You need to do your karma and leave the rest on God. Your karma will decide the fruits you will have. What you need to do is to trust yourself, trust your inner capabilities and as a result, you will achieve what you never imagine of.

The misconception of winning the race

Trust and belief is the strongest word in the way of achieving what you wish to. These words are so simple when you speak but become very tough when you start comprehending it. You will achieve half of the way when you start believing yourself and grab all the opportunities you can. Stop thinking about the coincidence or your luck, it will only give you the illusion to win the race but actually, you weren’t in the line of first three to win the race. However, to achieve anything you need to believe your efforts and have confidence in yourself.

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