Why United States has more coronavirus cases than the rest of the world?

Why America has more coronavirus cases than the rest of the world?

Are you aware of the number of positive COVID 19 in the USA? Everyone in the world is in terror of COVID and taking precautions but still, it spread with the speed of tiger and united states comes on number one in the rank of confirmed cases of coronavirus. But what would be the reason for such dissemination in the United States, as the virus originate from the country China and the alarming fact is that the USA ranks number one? The country has more than thousands of confirmed cases and deaths to date. The situation is getting worse day by day and the country seems to be unable to deal with the situation and protect its country and citizens.

Alarming facts of COVID-19

There are several reasons due to which it spread in the country faster than any other country in the world. As everyone in the world knows the power and strength of America and identified as one of the developed and powerful nations but still it is unable to handle the situation, why? The cases of coronavirus are not the case of one or two days but it going up from months and come to this deteriorated situation. Last month in February there were only 20 to 25 confirmed cases was there in America but when we all enter in March, America witnesses more them a hundred and then thousands of co times cases, when they start testing for COVID-19.

Mismanaged February is one of the reason

The major reason behind the cases in America is the fumbled of February that destroys everything and disseminates the virus among the people therein. When the agencies and medical institutions start testing it was too late and till then it already spread all over the country. That’s the reason why America comes to number one in this as well.

The virus was not that considered serious and in the month of February the government agencies, institutions, officials, medical institutions, media, experts, scientist, and all others was not that aware of this COVID-19 and the danger caused thereby. Till the time this institution had this knowledge about the danger caused by COVID-19 the virus did its work in the country and worsen the situation. Moreover, till this time it requires the social distancing measures but at the stake of the dreadful economy of the USA.

Late in taking prevention

Another reason for America being number in confirmed cases of coronavirus is the unawareness and the higher authorities of the country. The higher authorities turn to be too late to take measures to prevent coronavirus and protect its citizens. The crisis now on the door of America and become the reason for the country’s disaster. The health agencies of the country were not ordered at that time to take adequate prevention due to which it spread to this extent and the public suffers from this carelessness. Even when the other countries gave the threat caused by the COVID-19, America was still not woken up from its sleep and took preventive actions. The thousands of cases of America now are the result of its carelessness in the month of February which it didn’t take.

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