Just leave me alone, if you don’t have a good intention

You meet millions of people in your life, some become your friends, some turns to be the special one in your life but you won’t realize that which person talks to you with good intention or who have bad intention. To live life peacefully it is very important to only attach yourself and always be positive. And if you are being surrounded by negative people you will also start thinking in a negative way. If any person having bad intentions towards you then one thing us for sure that such a person never wishes so etching good or positive for you.

Stay positive and stay always from negative people

To live your life in harmony you need to stay positive and surrounded by positive people and you will observe that your life becomes joyful. You will find many people in your life who always have a habit back bitching, commenting on others, always criticize you but such habit of their affect your life adversely. so if you wish to stay positive then you need to ignore such people or stay away from such people. Such people always discourage you so that you will never achieve something good in your life so if you wish to remain encourage or motivate it is very important to stay away from such people.

Stay away from those who always criticize

As an instance, if any friend of yours criticizes others in front of you then it might be possible such a friend critics you in front of others. so you should choose your friends, your loved one, your relatives, your close ones very carefully and should check whether they possess good intentions for you or not. And if you realize that any person to whom you’re attached retain bad intention for you then you should’ve alone in spite of living with such person having a bad intention.

See the reality

You will not find any people in life that always be with you and advise you those things which are good for you but you need to scrutinize that person in your life who wants your wellbeing. In today’s era, every person thinks about their own selfish meds and to fulfil their desires they used another person. nowadays it becomes so common that you being used by others and later to will realize that you were used by that person whom you trust the most. However, once you get to know you should stay away from such a person and live your life on your own.

Encircled yourself with positive people

You should keep one thing in mind that you should be encircled with such a person who always motivates you for good things and never restrict you from doing good things. Many times some person has double the who show you something else but their reality is something different so you should aware of such a person as such a person is harmful to your peaceful life. Such kind of person always to with extreme sweetness and you will think that they were too sweet to you but that is not so.


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