You can fool some people all of the time, and all the people some of the time

You can fool some people all of the time

One of the most famous quotes by Abraham Lincoln is that “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” The quote simply refers that what is true will come out eventually and no one could lie every time to every person.

Law of Nature

It is very easy to make fool of any person to make undue advantages or gain profits but while doing so, one forgets the rule of nature which is contrary to this. Nature never allows anyone to hide for any selfish motives. It might be possible that certain lies are for the well-being of your near and dear ones but yet the truth will eventually come out because truth tends to reach its destination.

Nature never accepts liars or the ones who make fools of all people all the time and therefore, runs contrary to the same. You often heard the statement that a lie could not be hidden for lifelong and it would come out one day and indeed this is true.

The lie is a negative aspect of nature and works as an evil phenomenon in the minds of the person and will eventually find its owner. It is possible that for growth and progress it is required to manipulate but that doesn’t mean that you have permission to make fool all the people all the time because nature won’t acknowledge the same.

The credibility of your character

Lying to all the person all the time becomes a habit one day which could make a person in huge problem. The consequences of fooling all the people all the time shake the veracity and credibility of your character that you built over the years.

Indeed, building your character and trust in your circle requires years but the same could be shaken within a second. So before deciding what you want from your life and how you wish to build your reputation in the marketplace or in your circle you need to scrutinize your actions.

Manipulation Vs Deceiving

The manipulation is distinct from making fools of all persons all the time and nature allows manipulation to the extent. Now you wonder what the key difference between both the terms is. The answer lies in the philosophy of life where you can influence others with your story or your opinion but on the other hand, you cannot deceive all the person all the time. And that too for your ulterior motives.

Every person knows whether he/she is manipulating others or making fool of the same. There is a thin line difference between manipulation and deceiving the other and it is important to note the same. Because in doing manipulation, you might fail to recall that you start deceiving the other person.

Law of karma

In making fool of another person you might enjoy the fruits of it but you need to remember the law of karma that hit you back. Before doing anything in your life, you need to acknowledge one fact it will come back to you. Because what we gave to nature it will come back to us one day, if you are ready to experience what you are giving then you can act accordingly.     

You may feel satisfied and happy after making fool some people all the time but you aren’t able to understand one fact that one-day such lies will come out. And it might be possible that the person whom you fooled all the time knows the reality but it values something else more than such a lie and therefore, didn’t have a word with you regarding the same. You can fool some people all the time and also satisfy yourself or fulfill your ulterior motives but don’t forget that thing speaks for itself.

Power of truth

You can make fool of some people all the time but you would realize that it won’t bestows you the ultimate satisfaction and contentment. For making more money and power, we often forget the laws of nature and walk on the wrong path which makes us regret it later. Therefore, think before acting because once you build your image, it becomes hard to change it.

The quote simply implies the abstract of life and you won’t realize the power of truth but it’s far unbeatable. In fooling others, we often forget that we are deciding what we would get in the future.

The power of truth is intangible but the result of it could be seen and experienced. So before getting into lies and creating your surroundings full of lies, you need to foresee its consequences. The contentment of making fool of others is a short time enjoyment but for a lifelong investment, you make it wiser which could only exist in truth. You can even fool all the people some of the time but it is not possible to lie to all the people all the time. However, the truth always overpowers lies so before lying or deceiving any other person you need to understand the significance and power of truth. What would be eternal is truth and not a lie and therefore you cannot make fool all the people all the time.


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