When one door closes another open

When one door closes, another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.

Life gave us many opportunities but many times it is not possible to conquer every such chance and therefore it the door closes. It does not mean that if one door closes the other won’t open rather you always had the option to choose another open door that might bestow you with productive results.

The best possible option in life is to grab every opportunity and believe even your hard work and karma. It might be possible that what you manifest won’t come to you but that does not mean that nothing is meant to you.

Open the door

Despite having negative thoughts when you lose something, you need to be positive enough because the thing which is meant for you would surely knock on your door. At this point, you need to open it and grab it.

What is the most important thing in your life, whether it’s your goal or your love life or anything else, would decide your future. It has often been seen that when you fail at something you eagerly wish for, you feel lost, depressed, and discouraged. But fails to acknowledge that other doors will open for you. You have often heard this statement that if you get what you wish then it’s good and if not then it’s better because it’s God’s direction.

Develop your capabilities

Whatever is happening in your life is for something good so don’t worry if you fail in one aspect of life because it would give you another chance as well. Life is full of opportunities and it is we who need to recognize and conquer them to the fullest.

You might work hard for your dream and be consistent enough for the same but that would not make a conviction for it. So it does not means that if one of your goal or target won’t accomplish your life would be over and at this point, you need to be positive enough to welcome other opportunities.

Many times what we wish to have in our life would be shortened as per our capabilities so instead of settling down in little things, you need to be open up to other things as well.

The most important element of success is to develop your skills and nothing would go in vain. Because everything that comes to us in our life has a meaning within it. It might be possible that we won’t be able to understand the essence of it but everything happens for a reason. So even if you are losing somewhere, don’t lose your breath and rather be ready for something else which would knock on your door soon.

Experience new opportunities

You might be disheartened when you lose what you eagerly wish for but you should always keep in mind one thing you would soon experience new opportunities. You may do what you are passionate about but that does not mean that you would achieve it. Every person deserves something good according to their capability so if you wish to have something good in your life, you need to explore. When you start exploring new opportunities you would be able to realize what you are passionate about. We must give all our heart and soul to the thing for which we are passionate and then we would see the result. When we develop certain skills and don’t able to get them, then such skills would make another way and proves to be productive for us.

Don’t waste a second

When you can’t get what you wish for or consistently working for in your life, don’t lose hope. Because it is only faith and hope that makes you enough capable to get something else. Don’t lose your confidence when you don’t get one of your goals and start working for it in another way.

If you don’t stop yourself from working consistently for your goals, though in different ways, they will come to you by any means. It might be possible that your goal won’t knock on your door at this point but it will reach you when the right time arrives. So don’t waste your time getting sad, depressed, or demotivated when one door closes. 

Explore different ways

If you wish to reach a good point in your life then don’t waste a millisecond in your life and rather work for your goals. Don’t settle yourself in those things for which you are not passionate use if you don’t love what you do, every door remains closed for you. It is you who will decide what would be your future and whether you wish to stay depressed or will work for the next opportunity.

If you are uniform in doing your job or the work you are passionate about then one day you will reach your destination, though you find several doors closed in your way. What is required is uniformity, and addressing new opportunities by exploring different means. The more you explore in your life, the more you get the experience. It might be possible that you are tired of experiencing new things but life is like a race where you need to walk uniformly otherwise you would find every door closed.

So when one door closes, don’t sit and feel miserable rather you should make yourself capable to see other ways that are going to come your way. And at this point, you need to welcome such other ways with a happy face.


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