The proper function of man is to live not to exist

The proper function of man is to live not to exist.

Living life is the simplest task one can do but seems to be the toughest at times. So what’s the reason for saying that the proper function of man is to live and not to exist? Every human is born on this planet and establishes its existence but the mere presence of a body in this universe is nothing more than an animal.

Embrace roots within the family

Every creature has its special identity which needs to be shined and so it happens with humans. From the day of your birth, you have continuously learned something and found your roots in your family but what about your existence?

Don’t you think that every person needs their own identity and should create the same? You can exist for hundred years but what is important is to live the same for whatever years you live. What is the phenomenon of living your life with harmony, peace, satisfaction, and with no regrets? So this could be done when you live and not merely subsist?

Life is a journey of different phases

Life is full of adventures and a journey where you will experience different aspects that renders you either lesson or a memory. You should make every phase of your life with a collection where you can rejoice with love and happiness. 

You should love a cheerful life where you would not regret the same later and remember it as a happy collection. What makes a life happiest where one could live? Indeed anyone could live a long life but whether the same makes it worthy enough depends upon the way you live. Whether you make yourself capable enough and did something productive in your life which makes it admirable for others?

Trace your roots

Everything depends upon the way you live your life and mark your presence. This presence could be either way where people will miss you as a good human or would not even bother regarding your absence in this universe. So it depends upon a human, as to how you mark your presence and existence in this universe.

The life of every human is precious and some make it history through their hard work and dedication which idealizes others. So despite wasting your time you need to make every second productive that could be useful for your betterment.

What implies Productivity

It is often observed that we waste half of our life either doing gossip or in certain unproductive things and didn’t even realize the same. But the very next question that occurs in our mind is what turns out to be valuable. And this depends upon the result of your karma which makes it profitable. Such profit would not only be in terms of money but what is more important is the way you live. We often ran for materialistic things but forget to work on our inner peace, satisfaction, happiness, and eternity. When we start working and giving at least an hour to ourselves we would start making our growth.

Living life means simplicity

It is important to know that growth does not only means monetary profits or muscle power rather it connotes something more important which nowadays becomes worthless for humans. Such progress lies in working on ourselves, our personal development, self-love, the feeling of sacrifice, inner peace, devotion, etc. But how such progress could be determined or learned? The moment you realize the significance of this aspect of life, you would acknowledge the same through different means.

Though it is of vital importance to earn for the survival of the fittest this expression “survival of the fittest” inculcates more than the pecuniary benefit. And one of the components that survival of the fittest envisages is one’s mental stability which comes from several factors. Living Your life never leans down on materialistic things rather it urges self-love. 

Life and laws of nature

Living life means understanding the Laws of Nature which implies self-growth as well as working for society. Nature never encourages individualism rather it supports the growth of society and socialism. We often read and learn different ideologies but fail to work on the ideology of life which is an indispensable complement to living a life.

When you start for yourself as well as become a productive element for society then your life would seem to be short. So despite living a long life, one should focus on living a healthy and stable life. You often make your existence struggle for one thing over another and never make it to the fullest.

Different stages of life

When we are at our initial age, we often commit several mistakes which we regret later but because such mistakes were due to lack of understanding would be ignored. The mistakes that one commits after attaining maturity would never be avoided and rather bestowed upon you with irregular consequences. Don’t compel yourself for something that your soul won’t allow. Our subconscious mind knows everything and works like a motor to our conscious mind. So before acting on anything, you need to charge your motor and make sure you have to work in collaboration with your subconscious.

However, living a life is one of the simplest tasks for humans though seems toughest to comply with as a proper function. One could make it proper and appropriate while working on itself. You should not only climb for monetary benefits but you should also focus on your self-growth which lies in the development of your soul.


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