9 Random Acts of kindness

9 Random act of kindness
9 Random act of kindness

9 Random Acts of kindness

Kindness is like rain which revives everything by washing off all the dust, pain, sorrow and sadness. It is what the soothing sun is in winter and what the shadow of a tree is in the scorching-summer afternoon.

If practised, the random acts of kindness not only make you a hero but can also bring immense joy, inner peace and contentment.
Here are nine random acts of kindness which will help you make your as well as others day.

9 Random act of kindness
9 Random act of kindness

1Be the strength of pillar of loved ones- family and friends. As some times solely all that matters to people around you is your presence. There was a time when my mother was hospitalised for a week and my father was not around because of some reason. At that time, there were times when I felt weak but my friends were there for me always. While I was busy looking after my mother, my friends were taking my care. They uplifted my mood, brought my mother and my juice and were there when I needed them.

2Extend the helping hand to people in need as much as possible. Help the elderly and blind people crossroads. Share your tiffin if needed at work, school and college. And- if you can afford-don’t hesitate to pay a poor person’s hospital bill.

3Sometimes there is no harm in putting yourself first. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with love, care and affection.

4Appreciate people for their noble work, generous behaviour and loving nature-even if they are performing their duty. For instance, during the lockdown period number of NGOs and people thanked Covid-19 frontline warriors, like the police, by distributing hand sanitisers, facemasks, face shields, tea, homemade food etc.

5Tell people close to your heart how much you love them and care about them. Share your happy and pleasant moments with them as this will eventually strengthen your relations.

6If you are on Instagram or Facebook then spare a few seconds to like the post as you must be knowing the way it feels when your perfect picture which you uploaded doesn’t get any like or compliment. In the era of technology, it’s just another act of kindness as it can make someone’s day.

7Treat the garbage-men, housekeepers, vegetable seller and every other human being with respect and dignity.

8Pay visit to an animal shelter, celebrate festivals or special occasions at orphanage or old age homes. This way you interact with people with different stories and sometimes get to learn a lot from them.

9Share your knowledge for free with kids who cannot pay for it. I have a friend whose mother is a school teacher and one of her students needs personal attention which isn’t possible in the class. Thus, my friend has been giving her classes after school for free. You can also donate your books to those who live from hand to mouth.

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