A Mature and grown woman won’t settle for your excuses

What you expect from mature women doesn’t bother her and when women get enough mature to understand every situation and then she won’t tolerate your excuses. The mature women easily understand your tricks and never get trapped in your dirty games. So if you are talking to an experienced woman then don’t even think to fool her and try to be more humble and straight forwards towards such women. This type of behavior if any women possess then one thing is for sure that she suffers from any obstacles and cross all such hurdles through her own way and without any help of others that’s the reason she becomes such a mature person.

Never mislead grown and mature women

Don’t make excuses for the sophisticated woman and be clear to her in every subject matter. As such women don’t take your excuses and never get influenced by your silly explanation. Rather than state your reason you should do your best to accomplish any task and if it’s not possible then be straightforward. It might be possible such women will your genuineness and accept it. But if you are trying to mislead her in any way she will definitely catch you red-handed and throw you out of her life.

Don’t teacher your father how to make babies

Women who possess years of experience skillfully recognize that whether you are giving excuses or you have a genuine reason and act accordingly so you should never be over smart to such women. As the right phrase can be used here for such types of women, “Don’t teach your father how to make babies”, so don’t give excuses to your principal who already gone through with all such tricks many years ago. However, that doesn’t that she doesn’t discern your problems or reasonable explanation but what she requires from you is that you should give your hundred percent to any task you performed therein.

No mercy to the people who make excuses

The women with refined behavior went through many ups and downs and face the reality-check of the world that’s the reason you will found such types of women quite rigid with their rules and regulations and provide no mercy to such people who have a number of excuses. Even you will observe that such women never like that person who make excuses before start working on it and start away from such kinds of people. So if you are close to such women then you need to behave with caution and a simple rule can be followed that is just you just pretend.

 Handle any tricky situation

Grown and mature women don’t settle for your excuses simply means they won’t bear your excuses or should be called stories so it is better to be loyal, straightforward, express yourself as you really are, and don’t be lazy. Such type of woman loves a hardworking and smart person who can handle any situation with their skills and intelligence. You will one more thing about such women that they are generally ambitious and never condone the dominating nature.  


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