The toughest and smartest women out there have the worst Iove lives

The toughest and smartest women out there have the worst Iove lives

You often heard that no one can understand the women. Is it actually true or there is any other reason? Do women that unpredictability? is it that difficult to know the personality of a woman? Can no one estimate what women feel at what time? All such questions seem to have no answers but this is not actually true and there are answers if this question that you will get till the end of this article. People often treat this question as absurd but no such questions will surely help you to determine the nature of women.

Read on for a change

Many times a strong woman has such a nature that no one can imagine of but there is a certain reason because of which transformation of the personality of women happens. it might be an event or a person or itself or certain object but one thing is for sure that cause is there for the effect. The strongest and toughest women out there have something terrible that happened in the past or in their love life.

Suffered abuse

The smartest woman often faces betrayal in the relationship and that’s the reason it becomes so tough for life. Once they truly love someone and that person stabs at it back, such a moment is one of the most painful moments of life for women. The person stabbed can be either it friend, family, companion or the one whom she trusts blindly. However, there is always a reason why women out there are the toughest and strongest ones. And once they become so, they don’t need the support of a single person and can stand at any place all alone.

Overprotective behaviour

Another reason why the toughest and strongest women have the worst love life is the overprotective behavior of the person whom you love truly but unintentionally do wrong things with you. Such a person comes to be so possessive for you that not even imagine that it is doing wrong with you and consequently makes you the other person why you are not.

Losses its Self-esteem

Women who are innocent and have a pure heart inside generally hurt by those who don’t value it’s innocence and purity. This is the most frequent reason why such a woman evolves to be the toughest and strongest woman. For such a woman, love is the most important thing in its life but once somebody doesn’t value its emotions and feeling than the woman changes its behaviour and start making everything in a practical aspect and apply its mind.

The reality of the world

However, it is observed that a woman with strong behaviour never able to go back it’s a pure heart. She would even know the fact that deep down inside she is having a golden heart but due to this ugly world, she needs to more tough and smart so that it can protect herself and jo one can take benefit of it.

The world is not that good which woman with a golden heart thinks. This became the reason for their change in attitude and treat everyone in the same shoe. once such women got deceived by its closed ones she is not able to get back to its cheerful life and started leading other life with the mask of the strongest and toughest woman who can handle every tricky situation on its own and doesn’t need anyone in its life. It is recommended that don’t change your nature because of anyone’s action or because of anyone’s presence in your life.


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