The Shocking Reason Why Victims Can’t Break Free from Their Abuser

Why most victims cannot break their bonds with an abuser

There are ample of crimes happened every second with different nature. Every second someone is going through with some sought of crime. The study shows the fact that most of the crime has been committing against a woman or child. And considered as the vulnerable class who needs protection and a safe environment to live. On this planet, there is not a single place that is safe for human beings. And nowadays cruelty to an animal has also been increased. In this article we will discuss why do people stay in toxic relationships?

Most often crimes

This articles highlighted the fact that why most victims either human beings. Or an animal can not able to break their bond with the abuser. It should be noted that many crimes today are related to exploitation, harassment, molestation, cruelty, abuse either physical. And cognitive which directly affect the mind of the person.

It’s own Mindset

The reason why victims can’t get rid of the crime which has happened to it is its own mindset. Even the law recognizes such mental trauma and provides compensation for the same. As physical injury can be a cure in months or years but there is no way to cure the mental status of a person. Whenever there is any offence happened with a person it directly affects it psychologically and traumatized the person. The victim loses its self-control and not find itself comfortable with any kind of atmosphere. The person does not remain in the conscious mind and starts doing unfortunate things that show that its mind is not in senses.

Mental traumatized

The moment anything wrong happened to the person, it relinquishes all its stability and peace of mind. The offence has a direct impact on the victim’s emotion and not able to get diverted from it. This is the reason why often the doctor recommends meditation to the victim and suggest to spend some more time with nature.

A conversation about the event

They forget to live a cheerful life with their family and friends and start doubting every single person. Because of the violation took place in its life they started maintaining distance from everyone. Even from their well-wisher and lost in their own thoughts. This resulted in depression to them and yet think about the event took place in their life. It took years to shed off such an event from their life but they never forget it. Whenever they have a word about the assault that took place in its life, they flashback all the unwanted moments in their memory and get emotional as well.

External variables

Moreover, the other reason why victims can’t break their bond from an abuser. This is the external variables, yes you are right I am talking about the society in which we live for years. Society has an overwhelming effect on an individual and this could be negative as well as positive. Frequently no one wishes to get stuck with such an undesirable event. But whenever any person advent the conversation about the occasion, all the shunned memories get back into the mind and unable to clean it.

Poking and Nudging

However, life is not that predictable and many times such circumstances came into the life. Where the individual gets confused about what to do or abstain? This is the moment where the victim not in its peace of mind to decide the best for itself and need suggestion from wellwisher. On the other hand, where the sufferer suffers from mental illness, it is required not to poke it again and again. Nudging the victim loses its hope to come back in its life and live it with prosperity. The victim never wishes to take a flashback for those memories which affects not only it’s body but soul as well.

Identical event happens

The other reason for the victim’s resistance to an abuser is when it heard or seen the same event took place with someone else. As it starts connecting both the events simultaneous and needs to do something massive. Many times this becomes the reason for the revolution yet the victim can’t break the bond. The victim at every moment thought about it and if it will not then someone else compelled to start thinking about the same. Yes, it is suggested not to get emotional and strengthened yourself.


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