How Being a Real Woman Means Taking Control and Owning Your Destiny

A real woman is whatever the hell she wants to be

There are different people having different natures or behaviour but the people with genuine appearance. And feelings reflect their personality as a centre of attraction. Many times it has been illustrated that women should wear such types of clothes. So that her body should not get unnecessarily exposed and not only this the other orthodox describe such women as modernized. Or stupid who don’t know how to retain their culture.

A real woman doesn’t care about absurd remarks

It has also been observed that many people have a habit to blow a comment on the appearance of a woman. But the real woman doesn’t give a shit about all such remarks or observation. A real woman doesn’t care about what others feel about her personality or way of appearance. But what she cares about is about herself and do whatever she wants to do. It is the tendency of a human being in society to pass such comments about women. And make them learn all the time how to behave, how to talk. How to walk, what to wear, what to say and all such absurd questions?

No more domination on a real woman

It is noteworthy that our society has been a patriarchal one and consistently dominating the women. But scenario changes and nowadays real women don’t give the least importance to such opinions. And only care about their wishes and do whatever she wishes for. Now a woman doesn’t respect that person who will know how to respects a woman and its opinions. Since Krishna’s time, it iterated that woman should be skinny and possess curves so that it looks glamorous and beautiful.

A real woman doesn’t care what others think

Every time a person acknowledges a woman either as fat, obscene, immoral, unethical, indecent, shapeless, and assassin it’s a character or beauty but now no more. The woman is the one who plays a number of roles simultaneously and suffers unbearable pain and it is not at all justified to comment on her in any way. A real woman knows how to handle such a person and termed as Orthodox or superstitious. They know how to deal with the situations and doesn’t care what others think and what they every time.

However, if anything is important for a real woman so it is their self-respect, identity, career, thought process and feelings. So you should never disrespect such women as they know how to crack your feet and get moved on so if you still do so it will definitely your loss and not theirs. A real woman is not only a matured person but knows the value of their identity or the worth of their existence in the world is never initiate the battle with such woman and communicate with such woman sincerely and with decency. It might be possible for such a woman to prove to be the best version of themselves and handle everything maturely.


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