Stop self-blame! Why not all heartbreaks are your fault

Don't blame yourself for every failed relationship and heartache

The relationship is not the process runs by a single person. It comprises when there are two interesting bodies came together and having an attraction towards each other. It is so common that a healthy relationship requires two loyal and compatible persons who can understand each other needs and points of view. The relationship now always means to have intimacy between each other but to feel comfort and ease when in each other’s company. In bottom we also have some relationship blaming quotes list, you can also check the list.

Breakdown of relationship

There are certain relationships that came to an end because of trust issues, compatibility issues, distance, and a lot more but it doesn’t mean that every time you blame yourself for the breakdown. It is rightly stated that everything happens with a purpose. If it happens according to your way then it’s good but it won’t then it’s better, as it might be possible that destiny trying to bestow you much better than you ask. So don’t ever blame yourself for your failed relationship.

Compelled to stay

You cannot control someone to stay in your life if your partner really loves you the way you are then it must accept you and not demand any changes in your personality. Once somebody leaves you that doesn’t mean that you have any default or commit any mistake, it is the fault of that person who cannot handle any adverse situation. You should prioritize yourself first then only others will give priority to you. You must first respect yourself, your attitude, then others will bestow you respect.

Taught you a lesson

Every relationship either it is of friendship or love or cousin if it breaks down than it came in your life to teach you a lesson and you should afterwards remember the lesson in your mind. It is not possible for you to make everyone smile. What is required is that you should be happy for yourself, your life and then only you can see others happy. The most important thing is your peace of mind and if you start the blame yourself for every relationship you can not see yourself happy and prosper.

Don’t blame, belief in karma

Even if you are the reason if any failed relationship then also you should not blame yourself, as everything happens with a purpose and you should remember one thing that karma is a bitch. Whatever you did for anyone, it always comes back to you so don’t blame anyone for anything just do your karma and leave the rest on destiny. You just need to do the right thing and your soul knows what is right and what is wrong. You should ask yourself, are you wrong on your part and deep inside you will get all your answers.

Don’t blame rather a search reason

You should not blame rather you should move on from that relationship and take a resolution not to do those mistakes which you did in your previous relationship either it’s of trust or openness. You should keep in mind that heartache occurred is because of certain reasons or cause so same as break down of your relationship happened due to certain causes and instead of blaming itself you should find the root cause behind that. Don’t go for instant reaction to any breakdown but sit and think about why it happened? As an instance, it might possible that the reason is your blind trust in your relationship or extreme liberty.

Think about other precious relationship

Sometimes it might happen that your relationship failed because of some external factors or called it as variables but you blame yourself for every failure. However, stop blaming yourself and start prioritizing yourself first, start making yourself happy first and then think about something else. Don’t bother about those who didn’t value you but think about those who love you and value your place in their life. It often happens that you are running for something which is not yours and left the most precious relationship which waits for you. So go with such a relationship that values you, your individuality. Once you stop blame yourself and start liking you the way you are, then your life automatically becomes heaven.

Relationship Blaming Quotes

  1. “The first person you should blame for your mistakes is yourself.”
  2. “Don’t look for scapegoats; look within and blame yourself when things go wrong.”
  3. “Take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others. It’s time to blame yourself.”
  4. “Blaming others won’t solve your problems; start blaming yourself and work on improving.”
  5. “Sometimes the hardest person to blame is yourself, but it’s also the most honest thing to do.”
  6. “When you want to point fingers, remember to point them at yourself first.”
  7. “Blaming others is easy, but true growth comes from blaming yourself and learning from it.”
  8. “You can’t change what happened, but you can change your response. Start by blaming yourself.”
  9. “Success starts with accepting responsibility. Blame yourself for your failures and learn from them.”
  10. “Blaming others only keeps you stuck. Blame yourself and take control of your own destiny.”
  11. “Stop seeking external reasons for your failures; start blaming yourself and take ownership.”
  12. “Blaming yourself is not about self-hate; it’s about self-awareness and personal growth.”
  13. “The only way to truly learn from your mistakes is to blame yourself first.”
  14. “Stop playing the victim and start blaming yourself for the choices you made.”
  15. “Blaming others is a sign of weakness; take responsibility and blame yourself for your own actions.”
  16. “Own up to your mistakes and take the blame. It’s the first step towards self-improvement.”
  17. “Blaming others is a waste of energy. Focus on yourself and start blaming yourself for your own shortcomings.”
  18. “Success is born out of accountability. Blame yourself and take charge of your life.”
  19. “Blaming yourself is not about guilt, but about accepting that you have the power to change.”
  20. “When you blame yourself, you empower yourself to make better choices in the future.”


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