Don’t blame yourself for every failed relationship and heartache

The relationship is not the process runs by a single person. It comprises when there are two interesting bodies came together and having an attraction towards each other.

It is so common that a healthy relationship requires two loyal and compatible persons who can understand each other needs and points of view.

There are certain relationships that came to an end because of trust issues, compatibility issues, distance, and a lot more

but it doesn’t mean that every time you blame yourself for the breakdown. It is rightly stated that everything happens with a purpose.

If it happens according to your way then it’s good but it won’t then it’s better,

as it might be possible that destiny trying to bestow you much better than you ask. So don’t ever blame yourself for your failed relationship.

You cannot control someone to stay in your life if your partner really loves you the way you are then it must accept you and not demand any changes in your personality.